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Programming fonts (and online preview)

March 8, 2024  |  fonts, tools, programming

In 2012, I wrote about coding fonts, and still, my preferred programming font is Source Code Pro. I have updated the post from 2012 a couple of times with new interesting fonts for coding, and I continue to look for new fonts that could be a replacement for my preferred programming font. Yesterday, via Charles Roper, I came over the font Intel One Mono designed by Frere-Jones Type for Intel. I think it is a promising font that I might try out (but maybe the curly brackets are too much for my taste).

You do not have to install the programming fonts to preview and compare them. You can test them at online in your browser at Programming Fonts (see also the Programming Fonts blog and Programming Fonts at GitHub). For example, you can check out the fonts discussed here: Intel One Mono and Source Code Pro. Please consider donating a coffee to braver (Koen Lageveen) for providing us this service.

Last updated: March 9, 2024