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May 12, 2024  |  web, blog, software, macos

My first blog post on this blog was posted September 14 2007, just titled Ā«The first postingĀ». The whole content of the post was this:

This is my first posting on Blogger. This blog (feed) is my private blog where I will post stuff not related to work. This posting is also a test of MarsEdit, the blog publisher I've started to use today. I have a license for MarsEdit 1, but I will upgrade to version 2. The Flickr support in MarsEdit 2 is a good reason to do the $10 upgrade.

Since then, this post has been taken off my official blog, but I still use MarsEdit as the only means to create and edit blog posts like this. I appreciate that specialised high-quality software like MarsEdit (now in version 5) can survive and be maintained. When I look through all my posts since 2007, MarsEdit has been mentioned five times. Three of these, including this post, are still online, and this is the second time a blog post carries the single-word title MarsEdit. I even moved from my original blog host, Blogger, because MarsEdit phased out Blogger support.

In January 2021, I moved my blog to my own blog platform implementation based on Flask. Today, I have moved the blog to a new implementation done by myself using web.py. Support for MarsEdit is an important part of the implementation in both these blog platforms. In practice, support for MarsEdit means implementing support for the Movable Type API (and a little bit more). Since I don't use any other means of updating the content of my blog (and my web pages), I didn't bother implementing any web-based solution to post or edit blog posts. So, support for MarsEdit is essential. Otherwise, I cannot post anything to the blog.

I will, in the near future, post a series of posts discussing how the new site has been implemented and a little bit about the tools used and setup of the server and its software. However, I thought it was interesting (and fun) when I found that my first blog post in 2007 was about MarsEdit, a tool still essential in my blog setup. Therefore, a blog post about MarsEdit is the perfect way to start posting on the new blog platform. Also, nice to see that on the Cult of Mac site, MarsEdit was just listed as one of the 16 best Mac apps for all kinds of work and play.

Last updated: May 15, 2024