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Moved to a Linode-hosted blog platform

January 18, 2021  |  blog

Last January, I moved this blog to WordPress. The reason for the move was that MarsEdit stopped supporting Blogger (where my blog was hosted for years through Blogspot). I was never happy with the WordPress hosting, and this December, I decided to build my own blog platform hosted on a Linode server. I got it up and running before the annual WordPress bill was due December 31st. The goal was to create a light-weight site without tracking software or other bloatware. The downloaded web page for this blog post with HTML, CSS, and JS is less than 20 KB. On Blogger (Blogspot), a blog post like this would typically be more than 1 MB. The WordPress version will be almost 2 MB (100 times larger). I might post more details on how I built the blog later.

Last updated: February 2, 2021